The Benefits of Paid Search Advertising

Paid search. Lets get you in front of those people who are already searching for your products or website quickly. A lot of people may think that they would prefer to spend time increasing their SEO because it is free. Why pay money to rank on search engines? Well, that isn't entirely true. SEO takes time and a whole bunch of effort. And it doesn't happen overnight.

There are many benefits to Paid Search Advertising, including (but definitely not limited to) the following:

1. Get On the First Page of Google. Fast

Paid search advertising is the ultimate way to get to the top of the search! This option is perfect for a new business or an existing business that is starting to build an online presence. Search ads can get your website in front of highly targeted customers that are searching for your product/service. 

With the limited real estate that is on offer in organic search, your website may never reach the top positions. Search advertising will get you to the top, quickly! 


2. Search Ads Are Used By People Who Are Ready To Buy

 get on the first page of google

Search advertising is a way to get in front of people that scratching an itch as they say. These people have an intent and are ready to buy your product or service as this all comes down to keywords and ad copy. If someone was searching for 'buy sneakers online', you can quite confidently presume that the search intention of that person is to buy some cool shoes online and not simply 'surf the web'. 


3. Understand More About Your Customers

 Search Ads - Intent - Attract People That Are Ready To Buy

Paid search platforms give you a wealth of information about the people that visited your website, clicked on your ads, what device they used, where they are located and more. By integrating your paid search platform analytics with google analytics and event tracking you can see even more information (the possibilities are endless!). Basically, all of this information will give you more qualified data, to make more qualified business decision and you will be able to see exactly what you’re getting from every paid search dollar you spend. Use it to be more efficient with your advertising, to continuously improve your campaigns, and to get the results you want.

Paid search advertising is a great way to leverage the widespread use of, and trust in, search engines to grow your business. If you’re not confident in the management and metrics, it might be worth using a professional, like us