Our Philosophy



The Monday Glory Way

Above all

We offer you a peace of mind. Our philosophy is to be transparent, caring and responsive. We only work with companies and products we love. That way we will work with you as apart of your Team and put our hearts and souls into your projects. Think of us as your own Marketing Team. Your success is our success.

Make better business decisions
Our philosophy is to empower business owners to make better business decisions with qualified information. It is hard being everything in the business, and we understand that. It is also expensive when it comes to outsourcing or hiring.

Digital marketing solutions for all
We have worked hard to create an affordable and efficient solution for better business operations for you. No matter what stage of business you are at, we have a solution that we tailor to your needs.

Have direct access to the owners
Things happen quickly in business, we know that. That is why we will always get back to you as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on good communication and we want you to think as of us as part of your team. 



Emma Elliott - Digital Marketing Specialist - The Monday Glory

Digital Specialist

if it ain't broke let's make it better 

Emma is all about building an online presence for businesses and growing their bottom line. Some may say that her previous life as an accountant and her current as a Digital Marketing Specialist don't go well together, but we couldn't disagree more. Having the numbers and the creative brain have allowed Emma to understand how the digital side of any business affects the most important growth factor for any company - profits. Emma has improved digital businesses across Australia. She has managed accounts with more than 95 locations and increased their bottom lines. She has a remarkable eye for design and she really feels at home when she is utilising her creative side.

She loves the outdoors and would never say no to a physical challenge. She is an Australian junior ex-hockey player, has ran marathons and participated in triathlons. Her mental toughness has allowed her to achieve great things in life and she carries it across to her business life. So, if you want to test her strength just give her a challenge and she would simply say what she always does: "let's give it a go".

The Monday Glory Team - Emma & Hesam
Hesam Alavi - The Monday Glory

Business Leader

curiosity killed the cat but made man smarter 

Hesam has backgrounds in neuroscience, entrepreneurship, web-design, branding and business development. These have given him an exceptional business acumen and have allowed him to craft sales processes with a holistic approach. When it comes to business strategy, you want him on your team. His strategy workshops could be quiet intense as he digs deep into your business so you could achieve excellent results for your online business. He has a rare ability to connect with people coming from all walks of life and he applies that to the service he provides to all his clients. This has largely to do with him having lived and studied in 5 different countries and being very fund of different cultures. Having lived in Japan as a child and teenager has changed his perception of perfection and he is very particular when it comes to quality control.

Just like Emma, he loves the outdoors and getting connected to nature. He is always learning new things and believes that life without growth comes to an end. He has a broad interest in many topics and would love it if you start an intellectual conversation with him. So when you see him start the conversation with "to be or not to be is the question".



Customer Love

  • This team is one you want to work with, they have fantastic customer service, and their marketing actually works! we have seen results in our business very quickly and the best part is they are affordable. I would recommend their work to everyone!
    — Courtney Jade from Courtney Jade - Designer Jewellery
  • The Monday Glory team has improved my online business 10 fold. The work that they put into gaining you online presence is unreal value for money. They are transparent in what they do, and show me everything, at every step of the way. I feel I can trust them 100% with my business, they have gained over 400% new traffic to my site month by month consistently. Can't thank these guys enough for how much they have improved my business. Would recommend them to anybody.
    — Tom Dunphy from The Hemp Factory

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