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Hello, we are The Monday Glory,
a digital marketing agency based

on the Gold Coast in Australia.
We are expert digital marketers

with a passion for functional


It is important to understand the digital side of your business - digital meaning your website and how your customers are finding you. & that is what we specialise in - getting your business found on the web and increasing your return on investment.


Working with us will help you to understand how customers find you, build more value in your website, ensure the right kinds of customers to find you  (the buying kinds that is) and to understand the digital-side of your business.

Our clients aren't just based on the Gold Coast. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne or London! We love diversity, and more importantly,

we have the skills to back that up

Web Design & SEO in Plain English


The Importance of SEO

The WWW. Library

Imagine walking into a library and you cannot find a single book because the librarian hasn't abided by the filing system and everything is out of order. SEO is a similar principle, your website needs to be filed properly so that your customers can find you easily.


The Importance of Good Web Design

Make it work, whilst you sleep

Your hardest working employee is your website. It is awake at midnight fielding your customer queries. That is why your your website is one of your most important assets in your business. What good is it if it isn't giving your customers the correct information? 


Awesome Digital Marketing


A building cannot be built without the proper foundations and forethought which is exactly like a website. Where you want to take your business in future and how your website is going to attract the right kinds of traffic and be indexed properly by Mr. Google (and other search engines) all take careful consideration and planning by people that understand digital marketing.





Web Design by The Monday Glory - Paula Felgate Acupuncture

Grow my online presence...

Our client Paula wanted to increase her client base and the best way to do that was to create a fresh new website with the potential for scale.

After completing an assessment of the industry, and her competitors, we created the foundations for the website and built a structure that is built to rival her competitors.

With the majority of her patients booking her services by word of mouth, we were helping move into the online market to obtain more patients and increase her revenue. 

This website has received great feedback from Paula and her clients. Her patients are finding it easy to book with Paula through the easy online booking system that we integrated into the website. 

5 / 5 on Google Business